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SizeGenetics Penis Extender is a much better buy than other Male Penis enhancement Products for a number of reasons:

1. SizeGenetics has been medically approved by Medical Doctors across the World; therefore it has become a recommended product for Penis extension. Additionally, SizeGenetics penis extender has been recommended to treat erectile dysfunction.

2. Penis enhancement products in the past requires the use of penis pumps however, SizeGenetics Penis Extender does not. 

3. The use of pills and patches is not required unlike other products. These pills and patches usually have side effects.

4. SizeGenetics is a Health type medical device, which is low risk for the human body. Very few penis stretchers have been classified as a medical type device and SizeGenetics is one of few. In order for products to be medically clear,SizeGenetics as passed many medically test.  Additionally, it is cheaper than many other Penis enlargement products that do not work.

5. Compared to my penis enlargement surgeries SizeGenetics is very cost effective as some surgeries may cost 9000 – 10,000 dollars.

6. Importantly SizeGenetics comes with a 6 Months money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it and get your money back hassle free. This shows the manufacturers confident in the product. 



Simply attach the device to your penis then set it so it gently applies force and stretches your penis which does not hurt or feel uncomfortable.

Patients is needed as your penis will gradually get longer over time. It usually takes a couple months before you begin to see the desired results.

The process is very similar to muscle building, where as the muscle cells expand they then heal, thus being able to hold more blood.

A Perfect Example Of Penis Power.. Bills Testimony!

sizegenetics discountBill Andrews is a 31-year-old property developer from San Diego in California. He’s also a motivational speaker and, even if he does say so himself, he knows all about confidence.

“Self-confidence is a vital part of achieving anything you set out to do,” says Bill. “Without it, you’re destined for failure from the beginning.”

Bill hasn’t always had the confidence to run his own business and speak publically about his experiences. When he was at school he had very little self-belief and by his own admission, couldn’t get a girl to save his life.

The turning point in Bill’s life makes for an interesting story, although it’s not one he can always include in his motivational speeches.

Big Surprise

Bill recalls: “I was very shy around girls at school, up until the age of about 17. When I finally asked out this girl I liked, we took everything very slowly, even though she already had a lot of experience.”

After six weeks we finally decided to go all the way. I remember being very nervous but when I took down my shorts, she just said, ‘Wow!’.

“The reputation I got around school after that night changed my life. I felt like a stud and I turned into one, pretty much.”

So, does a larger penis lead to greater self-confidence?

Bill says: “Having a big dick definitely gives you more self confidence, especially around women.

It’s not the only way to build confidence of course – I’d be out of a job if it was”.

Fact: Sizegenetics has been on the market from 1995 

Actually CHECK how long the other companies have been manufacturing their product. they started way back in 1995. That’s why they have developed one of the most effective and comfortable device on the market.



I am no longer embarrassed by my size. My partner notices the “sizable” difference when we are in bed. I want the size of my penis to reach seven inches and i know sizegenetics can make it happen.

"My Wife and I have always enjoyed sex, the additional size and confidence has increased our enjoyment even more. The product is very comfortable and as you can see it definitely  works.”

SizeGenetics Price Packages

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  2. It Has a Massive 2300g Tension.
  3. 2 Multi-Functional Heads. 
  4. instructional DVD
  5. Ultimate Device Tension Levelsts.
  6. SizeGenetics™ Luxury Leather case
  7. SizeGenetics™ Travel Case

You also get some very important extras, namely our Revita Cream and Traction Plus Powder to ensure your extending goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible:


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  1. The Device and the instructional DVD


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